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LANGUAGE INDUSTRY MONITOR, a bimonthly newsletter for natural-language computing covers speech processing, handwriting recognition, terminology management, full text indexing and retrieval, document processing, and computer-aided translation (including MT). It's in hardcopy only (so far), $95. Samples are available and submissions are solicited. Colin Brace ( [IRLIST, 8/24.]

Virginia Tech's Scholarly Communications Project is setting up an FTP server for the J. of Technology Education; VPIEJ-L; the Newsletter of the Visual Communication Div. of the Assoc. for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication; and VPI's other scholarly electronic journals. FTP files from /pub on [James Powell (jpowell@vtvm1.bitnet), VPIEJ-L. Gleason Sackman (, PACS-L, 8/27.]

Library Trends, 40(4), is a 200-page special issue on Electronic Information for the Humanities, edited by Mark Stover. $18.50, UIllinois Press, Champaign, IL 61820. [Dan Lester (alileste@idbsu.bitnet), PACS-L, 8/26.]

New Project Gutenberg etexts are the 1990 US Census (2nd) and the Hackers' Dictionary, and in etext/etext92 on Other sites also have copies, including, (pd1:), (/pub/e.texts/gutenberg), and several dial-up BBSs. [Michael S. Hart ( PACS-L, 9/3.] Prof. Michael Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg, is profiled in the Chronicle of Higher Education (8/12, p. A15-16). Worth reading, according to Dan Lester ( [PACS-L, 8/14.]

"Lowdown on Doctors, Lawyers and Politicians" is a PC disk (or "electronic book") with 560 witticisms sorted by subject and eight labels such as Positive, Negative, Advice, and Jokes. Short bios are given for most of the 330 authors. The book offer a browser, filters, word search, six indexes, 12 output formats, context sensitive help, and various customizations. The interface is from Idea Savings Bank. $19.95 until Election Day; $29.95 thereafter. Guaranteed. MCR Agency Inc., Oakland CA, (, (800) 767-6797. [PR NewsWire, 8/27. agentsee.]

Oak Ridge Public Relations Inc. is compiling a book of high-tech humor, to be distributed free later this year. Send submissions to 21771 Stevens Creek Blvd., #203, Cupertino, CA 95014; (408) 253-0936. [Susan Rose, EDN, 5/21.]

(Milton Berle claims to have 6.5 million jokes in his computer database. [CACM, 2/12.] At 100/day, that would last you 178 years.)

Commercial programmers often hide their names or pictures in their products, and sometimes leave secret commands for cheating at games. Joe Morris of MITRE has a 1300-line list called Ye Olde Secrete Screene Cheete Sheete. Write to Dr. Chaos at for a copy. [Bob Cowles, Chaos Corner, 9/15.]

Statistical Sciences, Inc. (Seattle, WA) is offering a free video demonstrating advanced analysis methods for examining complex data sets. It features their S_PLUS analysis system, of course. R. Carey Gersten (, (206) 283-8802. [IDG PR Service, 3/31. agentsee.]

"Computation: The Micro and the Macro View" by B.A. Hubberman (Xerox PARC) contains articles on physics domains that are "elucidating the nature of computation." Available this Fall at $45 or $28 paperback, ISBN 981-02-0982-7. [Chaos Corner, 9/15.]

"The Entrepreneurial PC," by Bernard J. David, has good advice on starting an entrepreneurial business -- raising money, reading financial statements, etc. Its "100 profitable business ideas" is pretty much common knowledge, though. $24.95 paper, Windcrest/McGraw-Hill, (800) 233-1128. [Woody Liswood, MicroTimes, 8/3.]

"The Mac Shareware 500" by Ruffin Prevost and Rob Terrell (Ventana Press, $39.95) describes the best Mac freeware and shareware programs available. It even comes with three floppies and a free membership in America Online. Now you don't have to program everything yourself. "The thousands of shareware authors out there can out-think you by their sheer numbers." [Chris Oakes, CC, 9/8.]