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New World Headquarters (NWHQ) is a new WWW hypermedia arts magazine for artists and writers, from The Digital Co-op (Vancouver). Connect to Questions to [Dave Watson (, net-hap, 3/27/94.]

Global Network Navigator (GNN) is restructuring. GNN News is now GNN NetNews, denoting its Internet focus. Special-interest magazines will replace GNN Magazine. Travel and the Internet are the first two such "metacenters," each with features, columns, and a guide to Internet resources. A GNN Arcade area includes Dilbert comics and other entertainments. The new WWW access point is [Dale Dougherty,, 4/2/94.]

UC Irvine's academic bookstore now has a WWW server for book reviews, book/CD stock listings, and multimedia exhibitions. (The first is a display of Ansel Adams photographs.) Access or gopher:// [Jonathan K. Cohen (, comp.infosystems.www, 4/4/94. net-hap.]

The Electronic Newsstand now carries 85 titles and serves 35K customers per day from 18 countries. The Newsstand will enter US residents in a vacation sweepstakes if they supply name and address, sex, age, occupation, education, favorite magazine, and household income. The addresses and demographics will not be used for mailed or emailed solicitations. Gopher to or telnet to with login "enews.". [Lisa Losito (, net-hap, 3/31/94.]

Mosaic is catching on as a universal graphic interface technology. An idea popped up on PACS-L for a Z39.50 bibliographic server with HTML output for WWW access. Journal indexes and other databases should also be put on WWW. [Kate Weber ( and Dan Barkey (, PACS-L, 4/1/94.] (It would help if Mosaic accepted external "modules" that could add capabilities. Or perhaps Magic Cap will take over, since that's the kind of flexibility offered by its software agents.)

Iain O'Cain has prepared a FAQ on creating WWW HTML documents, Comments to [comp.infosystems.www, 4/15/94. net-hap.] A reference page for HTML document developers is on HTTP:// Hypertext Markup Language is the basis of WWW links. [Charles W. Cooper II (,, 4/5/94. net-hap.]

Excalibur is a BBS system with an impressive scalable graphic interface. It offers quality images, ease of use, and many, many other features. Both the server and host are multitasking, so you can read online journals while downloading and uploading files. Only the .60 beta version has been released, but trade magazines and 700 BBSs are using it. An Internet linkup is planned. You can get an autodownload of the host software from (918) 496-8113 (8-N-1). Excalibur Communications, Inc. (Tulsa, OK), (918) 496-7881. [Sean Alexander (, online-news, 4/1/94.] (BBS environments with Internet gateways include TeamMate, CocoNet, and First Class.)