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"Good programmers write good code; great programmers 'borrow' good code." -- Mike Gancarz , "The UNIX Philosophy." [comp.os.linux.advocacy, 1/17/95.]

Thomas F. Radloff would like to start a net-based commercial software development group, to work initially on MS Windows VB/C++ applications. The group would share expertise in MSVC, MFC, VB, OLE, DDE, DDL, RTF, MSDN, MSP, MCP, MCSE, etc. Contact to discuss ideas. [comp.lang.basic.visual.misc, 2/26/95.]

Software developers for NASA are eligible for a Software of the Year award. Two development teams each won $40K last year, of 135 teams competing for $200K. A prize of $100K is possible. The software must have been legally disseminated as commercial- grade (not beta) products to the public by NASA beginning within the last five years. For a contest form, call 202/358-2468 for the name of your NASA Space Act Awards Liaison Officer. 5/1/95 deadline. [Peter Yee ,, 3/4/95.]

Y.S. Kim is seeking suggestions for an "Internet Software Developers' Hall of Fame." He'd like to see PBS-style personal and corporate sponsorship of annual cash awards to the gurus who bring us Mosaic, HTTPD, Trumpet, WinVN, WinWAIS, etc. [SEML, 2/28/95.] (Anyone want to run an AI hall of fame? Bill Park notes that an administrator/fund raiser could charge salary for running such a foundation.)

Uploading shareware programs to Internet FTP sites -- cica, simtel, garbo, wuarchive, etc. -- will achieve wide distribution but probably few registrations. Online services such as CompuServer (GO SWREG) and AOL have better registration rates. Credit card payments work best. [Ted Johansson , SEML, 2/28/95.]