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Quantum Fog: Bayesian net Mac simulation of a quantum computer.

Radford Neal's Bayesian nets software using Markov-chain Monte Carlo methods.

Qnet 97: neural network modeling for Windows 95/NT.

TNeuralNetwork: NN component for Delphi 2.0.

MPIL 1.0: instance-based learning system.

ORB: propositional logic system for NP-hard (and #P hard) problems.

MCF: C implementation of the network simplex algorithm.

Panorama C/C++: visual environment for software development.

C-INTERCAL 0.16: Unix implementation of the INTERCAL language.

Agentsheets 1.4a0: agent-based spreadsheet and Java compiler for interactive graphic web content (game simulations, visual programming, knowbots, cellular automata).

Discovery: 3D data visualization tool.

Silly Space 3.0 (VRML Edition): 3D surface modeling for Windows 3.5/NT.

Computational Decision Analysis: dissertation from Mats Danielson, using interval and comparative statements.

Decision Support Systems Based on Reference Sets: book by Andrzej M.J. Skulimowski.

Fuzzy Evolutionary Computing: book ed. by W. Pedrycz.

Intelligent Java Applications for the Internet and Intranets: book by Mark Watson.

"Mobile Agents: Explanations and Examples": book by Cockayne and Zyda.

Vehicle Location and Navigation Systems: book by Yilin Zhao.