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TechWeb Direct lets you specify news preferences and then download articles (via dial-up) from NetGuide and 15 other CMP publications. Free during beta test. Download the client program from . [Alan Gatlin , Network News, 11/11/95.]

LIBRES, the quarterly, peer-reviewed Library and Information Science Research Electronic Journal is now on . [Keith Morgan , newjour, 10/25/95.]

H. Vernon Leighton compared the precision of four WWW indexing/search services, back in 5-6/95: Infoseek (free version), Lycos, Webcrawler, and WWWWorm. He found Lycos to be the best, with Infoseek nearly as good and usually faster. Webcrawler and WWWWorm were disappointing. Jumpstart, Nikos, and other "minor league" services may be similar, with little depth outside computer science topics. . [, PACS-L. IRLIST, 11/14/95.]

The Minerva engine from IBM can simultaneously search databases such as Oracle, Sybase, and Basic Plus hosted on varying hardware at multiple locations. It creates an "info-droid" for each dataset search, generating faster searches than Lycos and other competitors. Try it at , for WWW citation searches ranked by relevance. It gives somewhat different "hits" from other search engines. [Alan Gatlin , Network News, 11/11/95.]