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Commercial services accessible via the Internet (for a price) are listed on gopher:// These include BRS, BioTechNet, CompuServe, Datapac, Datastar, Delphi, Dialog, Dow Jones News/Retrieval, EBSCONET, LEXIS/NEXIS, Legi-Slate, Newsnet, OCLC, Research Library Information Network (RLIN), and Western Libraries Network (WLN). [gopherjewels, 4/8/94. Elliott Parker, CARR-L.]

Sandia has added a technology transfer database to its gopher, port 70 (USA/New Mexico/Sandia Nation Laboratory/Tecbase). [gopherjewels, 4/20/94. net-hap.]

The Gopher Jewels catalog of gopher sites has a new section on Technology Transfer. Other topics include Computer Related, Employment, Grants, Language, Legal, Lists of Lists, Patents, Psychology, Technical Reports, Travel Information, etc. The URL is gopher:// _Information_Resources/Gophers_by_Subject//Gopher_Jewels. From the UMinnesota master gopher, access USA/California/University of Southern California - USCgopher. A searchable version is on, or from For updates, send a "subscribe gopherjewels your name" message to, or join the gopherjewels-talk discussion list. [, gopherjewels, 4/26/94. net-hap.]

USouthampton (UK) has a WWW server for its new High Performance Computing (HPC) Centre: You may also sign up for a mailing list. [Ade Miller (, comp.infosystems.www, 4/19/94. net-hap.]

The SOLINET gopher points to library reference desks and related works: acronyms, dictionaries, CBD, Federal Register, copyright law, legal directory, etc. gopher:// Ready Reference. [gopherjewels, 4/21/94. net-hap.]

The Bulletin Board for University Libraries (BUBL) gopher from Glasgow, Strathclyde, and Bath has a good list of AI-related newsgroups in its Computing/CS section. AI FAQs and files are in gopher:// gence, and information on Lisp and Prolog are in related branches. [Roy Davies (,, 4/21/94.]

The Assoc. for Computational Linguistics (ACL) has a snazzy WWW home page. Try [Chris Welty (, 4/25/94.]

Geographic data files and GIS info are available from Oregon State University's Forest Science Laboratory. Use gopher:// to locate the data you want, then submit a request to Questions to [gopherjewels, 4/8/94. net-hap.]

The X Consortium has a new WWW server for info about X Window systems. Try, with comments to [, 4/11/94. Chris Matheus.]

The SUNET/Ebone gopher, which lists all gophers in Europe, has moved from to [Rickard Schoultz (, gopher-news, 4/15/94. net-hap.]

Sports and recreation information (e.g., Aikido dojos, cycling, flying, scuba) are listed on gopher:// (Information by Subject/ Physical Education & Recreation). [gopherjewels, 4/22/94. net-hap.]