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Brunel University (London) is starting an advanced MSc program in Neural and Evolutionary Systems. . [, connectionists, 6/14/96.]

Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology (OGI) is offering an MS concentration in Computational Finance. . [, dbworld, 6/17/96.]

University satellite course transmissions have increased to $1K/hour, up from half that two years ago and a tenth of that in the mid-1980s. The bandwidth shortage may ease in a few years, as satellites switch to digital and educators try phone or Internet videoconferencing. [WSJ, 6/6/96, B1. EDUPAGE.]

High-powered diplomas do pay off, on average, but there may be little difference between public and private schools of similar quality. A recent study found US men from top-quintile colleges earning 20% more than those from the bottom quintile, ten years after graduation. Black men gained even more than white men, and ethnic diversity on campus increased the earnings of all graduates. [BW, 4/29/96, p. 26.]

BAD SCIENCE is a set of web pages fighting myths, misconceptions, and lazy science teaching. . [Alistair B. Fraser . Bill Park, 6/24/96.] ("Be very, very careful what you put into that head, because you will never, ever get it out." -- Cardinal Wolsey.)