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IEEE ((800) 678-IEEE) is offering its Proc. IEEE Special Issues to members for $10, half the list price. Topics include Neural Networks I: Theory and Modeling, Neural Networks II: Analysis, Techiques & Applications, and issues on ISDN, massively parallel computers, multidimensional signal processing, and discrete event systems. (Handling is $4, with sales tax in NY, NJ, CA, and DC.)

Terry Sejnowski (tsejnowski@UCSD.EDU) reports that the journal Neural Computation will now accept one or two full-length papers per issue, subject to thorough review. Subscriptions are $35 student, $55 individual, $110 institutional. [Connectionists.]

Howard Bornstein says that Michael Gosney's beautifully crafted Verbum Magazine is the best way to track the evolution of digital art. P.O. Box 12564, San Diego, CA 92112; (619) 233-9977. [Bay Area Computer Currents, 4/8/91.]

Abstracts in Human-Computer Interaction is a new quarterly journal from Ergosyst Associates, (913) 842-7334. The same company publishes Keyguide to Information Sources in Artificial Intelligence/Expert Systems, 1990, 277 pp., $70. [AI Magazine.]

The Japan Personal Computer Software Association (JPSA) has compiled a 300-page report, "Japan's Personal Computer Software Market." Prospects look good for foreign software. The English version is available for $495 from Implements Inc., 6 Brook Trail Road, Wayland, MA 01778-3706; (508) 358-5858. [Spectrum, 4/91.] (The Japanese have traditionally relied on custom systems, but are beginning to see the advantages of well-supported mass-market systems. Foreign software is also becoming fashionable.)

The Japan Information Processing Development Center (JIPDEC) publishes a government-sponsored Survey of the Japanese Artificial Intelligence Technology Demand Trends. Translations of the 1987-8 and 1988-9 surveys, which include robotics and image/voice recognition, are available from Mrs. Verla Weaver, NTIS ((703) 487-7079) for $250 each, or $400 for the set. [AI Magazine.]

If you plan to market software, you might check out the Software Entrepreneurs' Forum (SEF) and their newsletter. Call (415) 854-7219 for a free copy.