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Microsoft has posted information on its Speech application interface (API), on . Developers can get a beta-test application form on CompuServe. [Peter Andrews , comp.speech, 8/15/95. Bill Park.]

Almost any Mac shareware can be found on the mirrors at and <.../search_umich.html>. The addresses have been changed recently, and may change again. [Mac*Chat, 8/9/95.]

The OS2WEB list of IBM and OS/2 resources is . [Jason Perlow , comp.os.os2.announce, 8/8/95.]

hppd-users and hppd-admins are two lists about the HP Public Domain (HPPD) archives. Send a "subscribe hppd-users [email address]" (or hppd-admins) message to . The HPPD software archives can be found at , , , , , , and . [Rik Turnbull , comp.sys.hp.hpux, 8/15/95.]

Open Computing (formerly UnixWorld magazine) has spun off its "Hands-On" section as a free Web-based publication, UnixWorld Online (UWOL). Technical articles, practical tutorials, Rebecca Thomas' "Wizard's Grabbag," product reviews, book reviews, etc. . [Becca Thomas , c.i.www.announce, 4/23/95.]

Brad Balfour is posting his "Ada 95: Tips and Tidbits" columns on . The three examples so far were first published in Ada Letters. [, comp.lang.ada, 8/14/95.]

Guy Steele, Jr.'s "Common Lisp the Language" is on the net in TeX, ASCII, and other formats. Now it's also in Web format, one web page per section, at . [Bill Park , 7/28/95.]