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Hanukkah sites, including , have entries on history, symbolism, games, song, art, and blessing translations. Kwanzaa, the 12/26 African-American peace and harmony holiday, has a site at . Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Ta Chiu, and Yule traditions are discussed on . Christmas stories and carols, including the Gospel of St. Matthew, can be found on . And email chat with Santa is one feature of . [WEBster, 12/12/95.]

The site that I reported last issue, , is running on a PowerMac 9500. Write to santa, papanoel, or for replies in English, Spanish, or French. Other good sites include , , , , and for technical specs. [EvangeList, 12/14/95.]

Santa's Holiday Bookmarks is another entry, with calendars, religious and general reading selections, holiday recipes, entertainment, humor, Santa mail, and pointers to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa sites. Also a countdown of the number of seconds until Christmas. [Scout Report, 12/15/95.]

And that's not all! You can (or could?) order colorful, personalized letters from Santa at . [, net-hap, 10/31/95.] And you can make your own digital Christmas tree at . [Jane Coffey , BESTWEB, 11/6/95. net-hap.]

EDUPAGE further suggests , , , , and . [12/15/95.]

It's fascinating to watch such sites develop. Someone hacks the first version; someone else with economic power or determination builds a comprehensive site. Other people incorporate by reference, getting a significant core for their own additions. (It's like an editor publishing a book after writing an introduction and perhaps one chapter. Or like patching together software from system calls and library routines.) No one can claim copyright violations for the inclusions, so material on the net is essentially free.

The paradigm may soon change again. With all the spiders (worms, etc.) that index individual pages, one can now build a new site from the pages of others. Original context is almost irrelevant. Richard Seltzer says this is why Internet malls have failed to catch on: Yahoo! is like one big mall with everything in the WWW world. You keep bookmarks for the sites you like, so there's no reason to chain from store to store via a mall metaphor. For content owners, "You cannot control the context. Your encounter with the user will not be serial/sequential." [, INTERNET-ON-A-DISK, 12/95.]