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ACM now offers a free resume database for job seekers. Send your resume (two pages maximum, white paper, preferably typewritten or laser-printed) to ACM Resume Databank Service, c/o BPI, 2985 Multifoods Tower, 33 South 6th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402. Include your name, address, phone, member number, and willingness to consider overseas assignments -- but no cover letter or staples. Overseas resumes in English are welcome. ACM/BPI will not show your resume to your current company.

You might also check with ACM if you need to fill a position where you work. Contact (212) 869-7440, or acmhelp%acmvm.bitnet. ("" is an internet equivalent of ".bitnet".)

If you need an AI consultant, of if you want to list yourself as one, you might check "The Consultants' Directory." I don't know who compiles it, but the numbers are (415) 905-2392 for the West Coast and (212) 683-9294 in the East.

Mike Cohen (SRI International, Menlo Park) is looking for someone to develop handwriting recognition algorithms in C. A Ph.D. is not necessarily required, but experience in computer vision or statistical pattern recognition is suggested. Contact, or call (415) 859-5977.

I've had a message from J. Scott Moore (, in charge of routing Ph.D. resumes throughout IBM in the U.S. and Toronto. To find out where you might fit in, contact him at Ph.D. Recruiting, IBM Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598. (He doesn't advertise, but is willing to be contacted by serious applicants.)

AI Expert (4/91) reports that Bechtel Software Inc. is establishing a knowledge-based systems group in San Francisco. The Bechtel AI Institute will also offer new consulting and development services.

Looking for work in Turkey? See Spectrum (4/91), p. 96, for an ad by the Marmara Research Centre of the Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council. Areas include speech processing, remote sensing, AI, robotics, and control. (Spectrum is a pretty good source of job ads for people interested in developing real-time, real-world applications.)