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"AI Communications, The European Journal on Artificial Intelligence" is soliciting contributions. It's a quarterly from IOS Press (Amsterdam), with a new editorial board this year. Georg Gottlob , Technische Universitaet Wien, Paniglgasse 16, A-1040 Wien, Austria. [, 14Oct97.]

Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes is a new Kluwer journal for time series analysis and the statistics of continuous-time processes and dynamical systems. Free sample copy of the first issue. . [, sci.stat.math, 22Oct97.]

User interfaces for digital libraries; Int. J. on Digital Libraries. 15Dec97; Joseph Busch , +(310) 440-6343, +(310) 440-7715 Fax. [IRLIST, 13Oct97.]

Computer algebra in physics research; Computer Physics Communications, late 1998. 28Feb98; R.G. McLenaghan . [Olivier Gerard , comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica, 24Oct97.]

Soft decision analysis; Fuzzy Sets and Systems. Abstracts due 30Nov97, full papers 31Mar98; Christer Carlsson , +358-2-2519912 Fax. [Robert Fuller ,, 19Oct97.]

"Discrete vs analog computation: links between computational complexity and local minima"; Discrete Applied Mathematics (DAM). 10Apr98; Marco Protasi , +39 (6), +39 (6) Fax. [connectionists, 16Oct97.]