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The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR) is now online via FTP, email, and the Usenet newsgroup The executive editor is Steven Minton. Full papers and short technical notes are solicited. JAIR offers 6-week review and immediate electronic publication, with each completed volume published by Morgan Kaufmann. Online appendices of code or data will also be supported. Send an "autorespond" subject line and "help" message body to, or contact [Michael Wellman (, NewJour-L, 9/2/93.]

COMPLEXITY INTERNATIONAL: A Hypermedia Journal of Complex Systems Research, free via FTP, WWW ( /ci/ci.html), and gopher ( port 70). Papers may include graphics, animation, audio, or hypertext. 2K-10K words, refereed. Write to or send a "subscribe complex your name" message to ci-subscribe to join the readers' forum. Terry Bossomaier ( and David Green (, Australian National University. [Tony Barry (, NewJour-L, 9/22/93.]

Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA) is a new monthly posting of reviewed electronic manuscripts, starting 9/1. Abstracts will be sent out by email and posted in NA-digest. Submit papers to, of send a message with "ETNA Registration" subject line to be notified of postings. Papers can be FTP'd from directory vol.1.1993 on, or accessed via gopher at that site. (A "viewers" directory has interface software for Unix workstations.) Papers may also be ordered by email. [L. Reichel ( Paula Shanks (pas@ulysses.bitnet), NEWJOUR-L, 9/15/93.]

J. of Computational Neuroscience seeks papers at the interface between computational and experimental neurosciences. Karen Cullen (, (617) 871-6300, (617) 878-0449 Fax. [Jim Bower (, connectionists, 9/17/93.]

Concurrent Engineering: Research & Applications (CERA) -- An International Journal is a refereed quarterly from Academic Press (London, 71-482-2293 Fax), started 5/93. It covers concurrency in enterprise modeling, information processing and computing, including distributed AI. Send contributions to Biren Prasad ( [, 9/7/93.]

NATURAL LANGUAGE & LINGUISTIC THEORY is now available to students for $38/year (instead of $55). Contact MIT Working Papers in Linguistics ( [, LINGUIST, 9/28/93.]