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In V5 N39, I mentioned ONR's FY'96 DoD Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) Program. A second MURI competition is for "Integrated Approach to Intelligent Systems": hierarchical, modular, adaptive learning systems with emergent behavior, able to deal with unknown environments. "Conduct multidisciplinary research to develop the theoretical underpinning for design and exploitation of emergent behavior. Integrate varied approaches to enhance overall performance." $1.5M/year may be available, split between 1-2 projects led by US institutions of higher education. 5-page white papers are due 12/15/95 at the Army Research Office; proposals will be due 3/20/96. See . [Raphael Malyankar , 11/11/95.] (The other announcement was about "Authoring Intelligent Training Systems with Speech Interaction Capability.")

NSF is currently in shutdown status, and has no authority to obligate funds until the next budget is passed. Grantees are warned that nearly all spending is at your own risk. [grants, 11/14/95.] (And don't think rescissions can't happen, now or at any other time that funds have not been contractually awarded.)

NSF has announced awards in its Digital Libraries competition. For a list, download pr9452.txt from [grants, 11/13/95.] (Now that there's an established Digital Libraries community, proposals should usually be integrated with the funded projects. Reviewers from that community will be asking what's in your proposal for them.)

Summer Programs in Japan for US Graduate Students in Science and Engineering (NSF 95-88) has an annual deadline of 12/1/95. , (703) 306-1701. Ditto for the Summer Institute in Korea for US Graduate Students in Science and Engineering (NSF 95-88), (703) 306-1704, (703) 306-0476 Fax. [NSF Bulletin, 11/95.] The new NSF guideline on 1996 Summer Programs in Japan is publication NSF 95-160, or nsf95160.txt on [grants, 10/30/95.]