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What can you do with a CS degree? David X. Cohen has a degree in physics from Harvard and an MS in theoretical CS from Berkeley, and has had an article in the J. of Discrete Applied Mathematics. He also worked for a year in the Harvard Robotics Lab. He's now coexecutive producer of Futurama, working with Matt Groening on one of the most innovative shows on TV. Maybe his writing for the Harvard Lampoon led toward that. Anyway, the point is that a degree should expand your opportunities, not close them down. Don't think that your thesis work is the only work you can do. Or even the most fun. [TV Guide, 03Mar99.

Consulting4Consultants is a discussion group from the International Guild of Professional Consultants (which also offers certification programs, seminars, reports, newsletters, books, and products) for consultants, trainers, lecturers, etc. See or send a message to . Biweekly newsletter subscription is via . [Meik Bartoschek or , NEW-LIST, 29Mar99.]

The Marketing Energizer for Consultants is a bimonthly e-zine of business-building tips. Send a "subscribe" subject line to or visit . [Bob and Shirley Hanson , NEW-LIST, 21Sept98.]

The Consultant Discussions email list helps consultants manage, run, and grow their businesses. Contact . [, NEW-LIST, 23Mar99.]

The Professional Association of Contract Employees website can also be useful for entrepreneurs. . [SJM, 01Mar99, E1.]

----- "Unless a man has been taught what to do with success after getting it, the achievement of it must inevitably leave him a prey to boredom." -- Bertrand Russell. [AWAD, 29Oct98.] -----

4> Technology news: [With Jason Westmacott.]

The Christian Science Monitor has run an article about AI applications, including voice call processing for stock purchase and package tracking; data mining for targeting advertising, detecting insurance fraud, and tracking terrorists; GMAT essay grading (in parallel with human scoring); Lego robots; and Matt Ginsberg's GIB program for playing bridge. New possibilities will open up with new sensors, such as an artificial nose being developed by a Pasadena company. [CSM, 25Mar99. Bill Park.]

Telepizza (Madrid, Spain) is building vending machines that sense human presence, then call out "Fancy a pizza?" [Reuters. Bill Park, 25Mar99.]

"AI & Society: The J. of Human-Centered Systems and Machine Intelligence" is about information, communications, and media technologies and their broader implications. . [Karamjit S. Gill , newjour, 28Jan98.]

The Israel High-Tech & Investment Report covers business news for technology, innovation, and science-based industries in medicine, biotechnology, the Internet, and electronics. $95 for 11 issues. . [Joseph Morgenstern , newjour, 28Dec98.]

The J. of Technology Law & Policy publishes articles about legal issues in technology. . [, newjour, 09Dec98.]

Technology and Culture is a scholarly journal about the history of technology. . [John Staudenmaier , newjour, 27Jan99.]