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The few Scheme implementations for the Mac they tend to be good ones. These include: MacGambit-C (PPC and 68K), , by far the fastest interpreter and able to output C code; MacGambit (68K), , able to invoke some QuickDraw and MacOS system calls; MzScheme and DrScheme (PPC and 68K), , large and slow, but comprehensive environments for students; Kawa, Skij, JScheme, et al., , Java-based Schemes under MRJ, browsers, or as stand-alone interpreters (set up and run as in ); and SCM, Scheme48, Bigloo, et al., and , which run under Linux but may require some C porting for MacOS. [Robert D. Skeels , comp.lang.scheme, 05Jan99.]

DrScheme is MzScheme in a graphical environment, with visual reporting of error locations, multiple levels of Scheme from beginner through advanced versions (including trapping of common programming errors), and a complete, portable GUI library. There is also a text-only version of of DrScheme called DrScheme Jr -- able to run inside Emacs, say -- and a Scheme-to-C compiler called mzc. Some people refer to the bundle as PLT Scheme. [Shriram Krishnamurthi , comp.lang.scheme, 07Jan99.]

SCM Scheme has been ported to the Mac, at . TinyScheme at also runs on the Mac, with a few minor changes. [Shmulik Regev and Mark K. Gardner , comp.lang.scheme, 06Jan99.]

PseudoScheme is a subset of Scheme in Common Lisp for the Mac. [Rainer Joswig and Felix Winkelmann , comp.lang.scheme, 08Jan99.]

-- Ken