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Oregon Graduate Institute (OGI) needs a 3-year postdoc for ARPA-funded R&D in application protocols and databases for heterogeneous information services and information discovery/interoperation tools on the Internet. Starts 6/95. Calton Pu , (503) 690-1214, (503) 690-1553 Fax. [3/30/95.]

Aviation Technology Systems (Crystal City, VA) needs an R&D software engineer with experience in theoretical and applied AI, NN (MATLAB a plus), dynamic programming optimization, pattern recognition, and fuzzy logic for real-time systems. A VR graphics programmer is also needed. C/C++, Windows or OS/2, UNIX, Motif. Classified work. ATS, P.O. Box 3364, Attn: INET4/2, Manassas, VA 22110; 703.330.0043 Fax. [Mark H. Donelan , m.j.o, 4/3/95. David Joslin.]

JPL's AI Group needs a BS/MS programmer for software development and algorithm design in planning and scheduling. AI, OR, statistics, or image processing helpful. or Steve A. Chien , Technical Group Leader, AI Group, JPL, MS 525-3660, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California 91109-8099. [ai-jobs, 4/4/95.]

JPL also needs a BS/MS programmer for its Model-Based Reasoning subgroup. UNIX/X11 C/Lisp; AI, monitoring/diagnosis, time-series analysis/visualization, applied statistics, model-based reasoning, or machine learning (clustering). or Dennis DeCoste, MS 525-3660 (as above). [Steve A. Chien, ibid.]

Texas Tech University has a tenure-track CS opening in AI, NN, parallel computing, CAD/CAM, real-time systems, SE, or other area. William J.B. Oldham, Chair, CS Dept., MS 3104, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409 [Jane Havens , CSEG, 3/30/95. David Musliner.]

UMichigan's Digital Libraries project needs a postdoc to coordinate research and to help build and present the system. Distributed systems, software agents, information retrieval, electronic commerce. William P. Birmingham , UM Dept. of EECS, AI Laboratory, 1101 Beal Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2110. [Elke A. Rundensteiner , dbworld, 4/3/95.]

Thomson Technology Services Group still needs a strong principal NLP researcher/director to recruit and lead four research engineers in automatic indexing and fact extraction from free-form text -- as well as smart agent technologies -- for the publishing and perhaps intelligence communities. Minimal travel; high pay and bonus; bleeding-edge technologies; some projects publishable. Chris Miller , or (301) 548-5595 Fax c/o Sam Montreal. TTSG, 1375 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD 20850. [, 3/21/95.] (Learn the appropriate salary range before interviewing -- but don't tell them until they make an offer, no matter how hard they press you. That's part of the test of your competence. Just say you're interested in the job if the pay is as good as they imply, then ask what they had in mind. Or say that you're willing to work for fair and reasonable compensation, but it's important to determine the match and agree on the duties before negotiating salary.)

Carnegie Group, Inc. (Pittsburgh) still needs an MS/PhD senior engineer for government-funded R&D in battlefield planning, scheduling, logistics, medical evacuation, and transportation. Pauline Nadeau , (412) 642-6900, (412) 642-6906 Fax. [, ai-jobs, 4/3/95.]

Northwestern University's Institute for the Learning Sciences needs a research associate in qualitative physics and analogical reasoning to develop "articulate virtual laboratories" for teaching thermodynamics and feedback control. 3 years, immediate start. A full-time programmer will do most of the coding. Kenneth D. Forbus , 708-491-7699, 708-491-5258 Fax. Dept.E95 - Programming - KF/NSF, Administrative Services, ILS, 1890 Maple Ave., Evanston, IL 60201. [, 4/3/95.]

Aston University (Birmingham, UK), Neural Computing Research Group, is offering two 3-year lectureships in neural computing or advanced information processing. . Apply by 5/19/95 to Chris Bishop , 021 359 3611 x4270, 021 333 6215 Fax. [connectionists, 3/31/95.]

USouth Australia/CIS (The Levels, SA 5095), Advanced Computing Research Centre (ACRC), has a 5-year opening for an associate professor in SE, DB, concurrent systems, or AI/expert systems. Apply by 5/12/95 to John Roddick , (08) 302 3463, (08) 302 3988 Fax. Queries to George Milne . , [dbworld, 3/29/95.]