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I should have credited Oscar Wilde with "We were all born in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

About ordering documents from the US GPO BBS, Brian Wolfe reports that the BBS requires a password. It seems that one must set up an account in advance. [, 5/26/94.]

The University Microfilms gopher, port 70, currently lists only WAIS-searchable thesis abstracts in philosophy, theology, and religion. Also a UMI newsletter, FAQ, author information, and a copy of "Copyright Law and the Doctoral Dissertation," in Acrobat and PostScript formats. [Peter Blicher (, 5/26/94.]

I mentioned Angell and Heslop's "The Elements of E-mail Style: Communicate Effectively via Electronic Mail" in V4 N21. Based on feedback from Ed Vielmetti, I don't recommend the $12.95 book. It consists entirely of short paragraphs followed by bulleted lists, as if the authors never fleshed out their outline. No bad examples or horror stories, and only one [not very] good example. 50 pages of appendices list common misspelled words, abbreviations, smileys, and ascii tables for putting [non-portable] line-drawing characters into your messages. [, 5/31/94.]

The same authors, David Angell and Brent Heslop (dangell and, are researching "The Internet Business Companion" for Addison-Wesley. They welcome information on establishing a business presence via email, FTP, gopher, WWW, etc., including leads to supporting service providers. [net-hap, 5/27/94.]

Gleason Sackman's Net-happenings has now converted to A "subscribe net-happenings" message will get you the undigested stream. (Don't include your name in the command.) Send an "info net-happenings-digest" message for a 40K-50K digest -- about two issues per day. Back issues can be searched by telnet to (login "brsuser"). Other majordomo commands include help, info, index , get , and who to find out the other list members. [6/1/94.]