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The next NIST and ARPA/SISTO text retrieval conference and competition, TREC-5, runs from 1/96 through 11/96. Query and filtering systems will be tested, including ranked retrieval of 100 topics from a million documents (2GB). Participants myst apply by 1/8/96 to Donna Harman . [IRLIST, 12/4/95.]

Synview is an experimental "filtering" system for Usenet newsgroups, where each user can rate articles in order to help others. . [David Lowe , net-hap, 10/16/95.]

Savvy Search is an experimental Internet search system "with the most complete net coverage so far." It uses simultaneous search of email addresses, newsgroups, FTP, gopher sites, and WWW. . [Alan Gatlin, Network News, 12/2/95.]

Web Ants is another search engine, from John Leavitt (funded by Texas Instruments). . [WEBster, 10/17/95.]

An Internet "meta-search" consumer product with automatic summarization and abstraction from Limbex won Best of Show and Best Internet Product at Comdex. See for a demo and press clippings. [Brian Ulicny , 11/30/95.]