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Universities are finding such demand for Internet time that students are having trouble getting their term papers done. UNC Chapel Hill went from 8K to 26K email accounts in one year. Having students buy their own computers seems the only solution, but is not popular. [Chronicle of Higher Education, 21/1/95, A31. EDUPAGE.]

The Internet now comprises 6.6M hosts, and may reach 101M by the end of the decade. The top ten countries so far are the US, Germany, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, Finland, France, and Sweden. [Open Computing, 11/95, p. 19. Flash Information, 11/27/95.]

Time magazine has been getting $500K/year for America Online participation, which generated 50K hours/month in user online time for AOL. Now Time is moving to CompuServe, for several million dollars/year. [WSJ, 11/6/95, B6. EDUPAGE.]

AOL has decided to stop censoring messages containing the word "breast," partly due to complaints by a forum on breast cancer. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 12/2/95, F7. EDUPAGE.]