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Apple Chinese Dictation Kit: 40-60 cpm, or 5 times faster than Pinyin or ZhuYin keyboarding. Recognizes 3,500 single characters, 12K multicharacter words, and 350K phrases. User profiles take about 700KB. $299.

Copy Cat 1.0: alife simulation for Mac.

SNNS 4.1: Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator.

PSGML: Emacs major mode for editing SGML files. Also Steve Pepper's "The Whirlwind Guide to SGML Tools and Vendors."

dsChordFinder32 v2.1: guitar chord recognition from recorded music.

John Pollock's rational agent system.

Software Start-Up Resource Handbook: book by David Wallace.

Fuzzy Set Theory and Advanced Mathematical Applications: book by Da Ruan.

E!: programmer's editor for any DOS/Windows compiler.

Notebook V3.0: large text file editor (to replace Notepad).

TimeTracker v1.1.0: consultant's time tracker for MS Windows.

GODOT v0.1: Unix Gopher-based 3D visualizer for remote bibliographic files. Puts the user in a virtual library centered on topics of interest.

PADE 1.4: Parallel Applications Development Environment from NIST.

kmeansdemo: Matlab k-means clustering demo (and others).

Mosaic for Windows 2.0: WWW browser, new final release.

IETF draft: Uniform Resource Agents (and the Silk project).

MidiShare: real-time MIDI operating system for Mac and soon PC/Windows.