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The ersatz URL no longer works. [David Joslin , 4/9/96.] (We'll just have to get by with .)

President Clinton will permit civilians to access the full accuracy of GPS satellite systems. [WSJ, 3/28/96, A3.] (Users were already finding ways to null out the deliberate biases. Full accuracy is needed if, say, your car is to tell you when to turn.)

San Francisco is installing smart systems to photograph drivers who don't stop at red lights. [KCBS, 4/10/96.]

PenOp has developed a $150 kit to capture handwritten signatures for digital documents. [USA Today, 3/27/96, B6. EDUPAGE.]

SmartAlex monitors the flesh tone content of downloaded graphics. Companies are using it to check up on employees. [IBD, 3/28/96, A8. EDUPAGE.]