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The MIT Media Laboratory and the Computer Museum (Boston): lead software developer for The Virtual Fishtank alife simulation.

UNew Hampshire/CS: two faculty openings.

Iowa State U. (Ames): prof. in intelligent agents, robotics, computational biology, multimedia, or other experimental systems.

Virginia Tech (Blacksburg): two profs. in UI tools, networked information, or problem-solving environments.

Clemson U. (Clemson, SC): ECE prof. in evolutionary computing or in architectures, networks, etc.

Duke U./CS (Durham, NC): prof. of experimental systems.

North Carolina State U. (Raleigh): prof. of workflow management and data mining.

National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA; UIllinois Urbana-Champaign): MS/PhD sr. VR/visualization research programmers.

NASA Ames/IMG (Mountain View): VR/visualization/robotics/AI programmer to develop remote robotic interfaces.

Metrica, Inc. (Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX): developers for an intelligent robot, plus control and stereo vision research.

BGW (Golden, CO): MS/PhD sr. DSP engineer in adaptive signal processing, NN, FL, GA, and AI expert systems for stochastic system identification, spectral estimation, etc.

Metaphor Information Systems (Palo Alto): BS/MS/PhD handwriting and character recognition developer.

Empirical Media Corp. (Pittsburgh): research scientist in IR, filtering, ML, DB, and agent-based systems.

Thomson Technology Labs (Rockville, MD): BS research engineer for IR/NLP.

UWestern Ontario (London, Ontario): two prof. of CS, one in SE.

UBern (Switzerland): 2-year postdoc in neuromorphic perception via multisensor fusion.

UWaikato (NZ): postdoc in temporal logic programming.