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I-Tech, for instructional technology professionals, is taking over for EUITLIST. Send a "sub i-tech your name" message to [euitedit@bitnic.bitnet, net-hap, 6/9/94.] is the Am. Assoc. for Higher Education's list for information technology projects. To join, send your name and address to [euitedit@bitnic.bitnet, net-hap, 6/9/94.]

The Neural Computing Applications Forum (NCAF) brings together academics and industrialists in the UK. It publishes the quarterly Neural Computing and Applications journal and Networks newsletter, and organizes four 2-day conferences each year. Membership is 140 pounds sterling (55 student, 250 corporate). +44 (0)784 477271, +44 (0)784 472879 Fax. [Chris M. Bishop (, connectionists, 6/8/94.]

The Society for Computer Simulation (SCS) is an international professionals association for computer simulation and mathematical modeling. SCS is a member of AFIPS and the American Automatic Control Council and sponsors a military/government/aerospace conference. [Michael J. Chinni (, sci.virtual-worlds, 6/6/94. Anandeep Pannu.] (Sounds like a good society if you're looking for DoD work.)

The VRML mailing list covers Virtual Reality Markup Language, an evolving specification for 3-dimensional objects and spaces within the WorldWideWeb. Connect to the VRML Forum at or send a "subscribe www-vrml" message to [Brian Behlendorf (, www-talk, 6/9/94; net-hap.]