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University of California at Riverside, College of Engineering, seeks an outstanding scholar for its Johnson Endowed Chair in Intelligent Systems. Leadership and international prominence are sought in AI, perception, robotics, visualization, or advanced manufacturing. Nominations are solicited. Contact Dr. Teodor C. Przymusinski (, (909) 787-5015, (909) 787-4643 Fax, by 5/31 for application details.

Blackboard Technology Group, Inc. (Amherst, MA) needs an Ada programmer for at least 9 months. OOP and Lisp experience a plus. (413) 256-8990. [Dan Corkill (, 1/14.]

NASA TechBriefs is accepting 50-word "position wanted" ads. Send to NASA Tech Briefs, 41 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017, ATTN: Jim Westbrook. [Bill Park, 1/16.]

UPretoria (South Africa) needs an EE professor in pattern recognition, neural networks, parallel processing, or image analysis. Starts 7/93. Elizabeth Botha (, 27-12-420-2959, 27-12-43-7837 Fax. [Suzanne Taylor (suzanne, 1/18.]

Cimflex Teknowledge Corp. (Palo Alto) is seeking a PhD (preferred) senior technical manager with experience in group leadership, winning contracts, and integration of CAD/CAE/CAM and database packages. Teknowledge also needs a PC and/or Unix product manager, preferably with Smalltalk experience. Shahrzad Farzan (, 1/18.

Canon Research Centre Europe Ltd. (Guildford, UK) needs computational linguists for its NLP research group. Seeking expertise in NLP, KR, reasoning, large-scale corpus analysis, and Prolog. Contact Shirley Alexander-O'Neill (personnel, +44-483-574325, +44-483-574360 Fax, by 2/15. [Tom Wachtel (, m.j.o, 1/13. Also from via Tim Finin.]

The Syracuse Center for Computational Science (SCCS) invites international applications for a 2-year CS postdoctoral fellowship in parallel computation at Syracuse University (the Alex G. Nason Prize). $50K/year plus benefits, $5K research funding, and $5K travel. Preference for PhDs graduating in the last three years. Apply to Donna McCammon ( by 3/1. [, 1/8.]

Nissan has a new Cambridge Basic Research facility (Cambridge, MA) for studies of visual perceptions while driving. Resumes can be sent to Nissan R&D, Inc., Human Resources, P.O. Box 9200, Farmington Hills, MI 48333-9200. [CACM, 1/93, p. 137.]

The International Computer Science Institute (ICSI; Berkeley) has postdoctoral and visiting scientist openings in parallel and distributed computation. Jerome A. Feldman (info, (510) 643-7684 Fax. [CACM, 1/93, p. 137.]

National Chung Cheng University (Chiayi, Taiwan 62107) needs four EE professors of signal processing, medical imaging, AI, and other EE/CS areas. A PhD program will start this Fall. Contact Dr. Thomas T. Fang by 3/1 (or later). [C.J. Kuo (, m.j.o, 1/11.]

Siemens Corporate Research (Princeton [Plainsboro], NJ) needs an MS/PhD researcher in program understanding and program visualization. [Frederic W. Brehm (, m.j.o, 1/11.]

Hope College (Holland, MI) has a CS PhD visiting-faculty opening. Mike Jipping (, (616) 394-7509. [m.j.o, 1/12.]

Resonex Inc. (Sunnyvale) needs an experienced image processing software engineer for development of MRI algorithms. Farhad Farzeneh (, (408) 245-1770 Fax. [Michael Bryan (, m.j.o, 1/12.]

Experienced US image processing engineers are needed in Tennessee for 68040 assembly and C algorithm development. Rick Gilbert (, Scientific Placement, Inc. (Johnson City, TN), (615) 926-6188. [, m.j.o, 1/12.]

The Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (CAPS) at UOklahoma needs two BS scientific programmers for its Unix/Fortran parallel Advanced Regional Prediction System (ARPS). $22K-$31K. Kelvin Droegemeier (, (405) 325-6561, by 2/15. [Jay Liang (, m.j.o, 1/13.]

Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH) has a tenure-track CS opening. or Phyllis A. Bellmore. [David F. Kotz (, m.j.o, 1/14.]

Indotronix International Corp. (Poughkeepsie, NY) needs an experienced Lisp/KEE/Unix AI programmer/knowledge engineer. C/C++/Prolog helpful. Shalini Menon (, (800) 800-8442, (914) 473-1197 Fax, by 1/15. [m.j.o, 1/13.]

Marlboro College (Marlboro, VT 05344) has a tenure-track opening for a broadly trained PhD CS professor. Must help develop campus networking. Contact James Tober by 2/15. [Stuart A. Malone (, m.j.o, 1/14.]

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST; Gaithersburg, MD) needs a BS computer scientist to support research in manufacturing engineering on Unix workstations. $22K-$43K. Contact Steve Ray ( by 1/22. Call the job hotline at (301) 926-4851 for the # NIST92-1978/AD announcement and Form 171. [m.j.o, 1/14.]

A 6-person R&D team in Southern California needs an MS/PhD Unix/Sun/C/Assembly vision software engineer for applications in 2D measurement, inspection, and robot guidance. AI, neural nets or fuzzy logic helpful. Jeff Chapman (, (602) 483-8833. [Bernd Finkemeyer (, m.j.o, 1/14.]

Schindler Informatik (Ebikon, Switzerland) has a 3-year opening for an experienced data/knowledge engineer to work with elevator experts and expert systems. Common Lisp/C on HP Unix workstations. Up to 35K UK pounds. Paul Dunachie, Computer Search and Selection, 88A George Street, Edinburgh EH2 3DF; 031 226 3507. [John Kingston (jkk@aiai.uucp), m.j.o, 1/15.]

Pacific Northwest Laboratory (Richland, WA), Molecular Sciences Laboratory, needs a postdoc to develop HPCC tools for theoretical chemistry and molecular science. Rick Kendall ( [m.j.o, 1/15.]

Symbol Technologies (Long Island) has R&D MTS openings for MS/PhD researchers to develop C/C++/assembly communication and hardware technologies, including bar-code scanning and data capture, for various platforms. Bonus and stock options. Jim Li ( [D.J. Wang (, m.j.o, 1/15.]

Cambridge University Engineering Department has an immediate opening for an RA in neural-network speech analysis. Apply by 1/25 to Rachel West ( [Mahesan Niranjan (,, 1/13.]

SUNY (Albany, NY) has a CS postdoc position in computational biology for use of AI and neural networks in protein structure prediction. Jacquelyn Fetrow ( [George Berg (,, 1/13.]

National University of Singapore, Institute of Systems Science, is looking for experienced researchers in information retrieval. Desai Narasimhalu ( [IRLIST Digest, 1/12.]

Matsushita Information Technology Laboratory has a Summer Intern Program for graduate students in database systems, pen computing, multimedia, etc. Contact, or write to MITL, 182 Nassau Street, 3rd Floor, Princeton, NJ 08542-7072. [m.j.o, 1/18.]

Lancaster University (UK) is looking for several research assistants in distributed multimedia computing. Contact by 1/31. [Nigel Davies (nigel, m.j.o, 1/18.]

Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) needs a PhD research scientist in its recently formed Image Understanding Group. Interests include perceptual grouping, recognition, and sequence interpretation. [Daniel Huttenlocher (, ba.j.o, 1/18.]