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"Fuzzy Decision Making" is to be a collection of papers edited by Drs. Lootsma, Pardalos, and Triantaphyllou, to be published by Kluwer Academic Publishers. Submit papers to Evangelos Triantaphyllou ( or to by 1/15. [CYBSYS-L, 10/12.]

Interpersonal Computing and Technology: An Electronic Journal for the 21st Century will begin publication 1/93. Gerald Phillips (gmp@psuvm.bitnet) is the editor. [Mauri Collins (, ARACHNET, 10/11.]

Languages of design: Formalisms for Word, Image, and Sound is a new journal covering AI, formal languages, computer graphics, computer music, text synthesis, architecture, dance, theater, art, etc. Dfl. 348 ($190) from Elsevier, (212) 633-3880. (Note the small "d" in "design." When PostScript journals arrive, will they have names that can't be printed in ASCII?.)

Wired magazine aims to be "the least-boring computer magazine in the world," with focus on new digital technologies and their impact on society. Louis Rossetto (of Electric Word) and Jane Metcalfe are the founders. Their early-1/93 newsstand premier -- 175K copies -- will feature Steven Levy, Bruce Sterling, Stewart Brand, and Kevin Kelly. Wired will have no product reviews and only one regular columnist: Nicholas Negroponte, head of MIT's Media Lab. (Negroponte is also investing $70K.) Mitch Kapor and Nat Goldhaber are on the board. Wired's reporting style is apparently inspired by Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Fortune, Forbes, Whole Earth Review, and Mondo 2000. [Laurie Flynn, SJM, 9/29.]

Simulation & Gaming: An International Journal of Theory, Design, and Research is seeking papers, code, and guest editors for theme issues. David Crookall (, (205) 348-9494. Sage Publications (Newbury Park, CA), (805) 499-0721. [ARACHNET, 10/26.]

Spatial database systems; The VLDB Journal. Contact Ralf Hartmut Gueting ( by 7/1/93. [dbworld, 9/29.]

Prototypes of deductive database systems; The VLDB Journal. Contact Kotagiri Ramamohanarao (, +61 3 282 2444 Fax, by 3/1. [, 10/16.]

Social science perspectives on information systems; ACM Trans. on Information Systems, 7/94. Contact Robert B. Allen ( or Rob Kling ( by 2/26. [IRLIST, 10/6.]

Methodologies and tools for intelligent information systems; J. Computer and Software Engineering, Summer 1993. Contact Il-Yeol Song ( by 12/10. [Computer, 10/92.]

Heterogeneous database systems; Computing Systems. Susan D. Urban ( or Elisa Bertino (bertino, 12/15. [Computer, 10/92.]

IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering seeks papers. C.V. Ramamoorthy, (415) 642-4751. [IEEE Expert, 10/92.]

User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction welcomes submissions. Alfred Kobsa, Dept. of CS, University of Saarbrucken, D6600 Saarbrucken 11, Germany. [IEEE Expert, 10/92.]

The Int. J. of AI Tools (IJAIT) seeks papers. Nikolaos Bourbakis ( [IEEE Expert, 10/92.]