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Clinton wants to move $5B (out of $25B) from federal labs' military ventures into commercial technologies. Bush had resisted such large-scale government intervention in commercial R&D. [NYT, 5/1/94. EDUPAGE.] (Craig Fields was reportedly forced out of DARPA for advocating a project such as DoD's new $1B 10-year program for flat panel displays.)

DoD's Joint Interoperability Test Center (JITC) in Fort Huachuca, AZ, is seeking partners for a 5/15/94 TRP proposal for an NII Interoperability Testbed. Sallie Morse (, (602) 538-5057. [Chuck Woodall (, 4/26/94.]

NSF is offering new publications on the European Science Foundation (int93007), research instrumentation development and acquisition (nsf93172), facilities modernization (nsf93166), and international opportunities for scientists and engineers (nsf9351). FTP from You can also get the latest NSF alphabetical phone listing (phnalpha, 113KB). [grants, 4/26/94.]

Twenty European Science Foundation junior scientist fellowships in Learning in Human and Machines are available to European scientists working on PhDs or having had one less than four years. Fellowships pay for workshops and visits to laboratories. Topics are representation, multi-objective learning, sequencing effects, situated learning , and collaborative learning. Apply by 5/10/94. Info from, +49 761 203 2490 Fax, or FTP ESF-LHM-Summary.txt or from /home /cogsys/ftp/pub/esf-lhm on [Machine Learning List. Chris Matheus, 3/31/94.]

San Diego Supercomputer Center's Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) summer program (6/20-8/26) has a 5/9/94 deadline. Contact Carl Scarbnick (, 619-534-5135, for info. [m.j.o, 4/27/94.]