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Upcoming NSF deadlines include: Information Technology Research (ITR), 14Feb00 and 17Apr00; Computation and Social Systems, (15Feb00); Human Computer Interaction, (15Feb00); Knowledge and Cognitive Systems, (15Feb00); Robotics and Human Augmentation, (15Feb00); Information and Data Management, (15Feb00); Special Projects in Networking, 15Feb00; Visualization and Graphics Advanced Computational Research Program, 01Mar00; National Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education Digital Library (NSDL) letters of intent, 13Mar00; Exploratory Research in Model-Based Simulation, 23Mar00; Terascale Computing System Program, 03Apr00; 2000 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics & Engineering Mentoring nominations, 14Apr00; NSDL, 14Apr00; CISE Educational Innovation, 25Apr00. . See also for deadlines in NSF's Div. of International Programs. [NSF E-Bulletin, 01Feb00.] (Parentheses indicate target dates rather than deadlines.)

NSF's Information and Data Management Program has a proposal submission target date of 15Feb00, but proposals will be accepted through 28Feb00. The next target date is 15Sep00. [Maria Zemankova , 02Feb00.] (Other CISE/IRIS programs -- the ones above with 15Feb00 target dates -- are probably similar. For newcomers, CISE is the Directorate for Computers and Information in Science and Engineering; IRIS is the Division of Information, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems.)

NSF's Directorate for Geosciences has a program in Application of Digital Libraries to Undergraduate Earth Systems Education, which includes innovative tools for handling archived datasets and real-time data. . [ScienceWise Alert, 04Feb00.]

NSF's Digital Library for Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Education (SMETE) solicitation is now available, at . [Clifford Lynch , IRList, 25Jan00.]

The NSF/CISE Educational Innovation program announcement is available at . [CNS, 24Jan00.]

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