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Clinton's budgeted $2B counter cyber-terrorism plan would increase US computer security R&D 35%, to $621M. A Scholarships for Service program would give 300 graduate and undergraduate scholarships annually in exchange for work after graduation. An Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection, would create joint security research ventures between the government and private companies, and 5K-10K government IT security workers would be given additional training. [USA Today, 07Jan00. Edupage.]

The Clinton Administration has decided to remove most restrictions on the exportation of powerful data encryption software, except to Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, and Cuba. Companies need seek government permission only when they plan to sell to a foreign government or military organization, and the definitions of those entities have been clarified and narrowed. Novell chairman Eric Schmidt says this "clearly sets the stage for the next big growth phase of the Internet." [AP. SJM, 13Jan00. NewsScan.]

Computer vandals recently broke into Romania's Finance Ministry website, altered the national currency exchange rate, and declared the imposition of "stupidity taxes" on people in proportion to the importance of positions they hold. [AP. SJM, 03Nov99. NewsScan.]

Members of L0pht Heavy Industries, a Boston hacker group, have founded the AtStake computer security consulting firm with $10M in venture capital. Security experts and executives will oversee the likes of "Space Rogue," "Dildog," and "Mudge." [AP. St. Petersburg Times, 07Jan00. NewsScan.]

The Clinton Administration has asked NSF to open a year-long study of online voting. [USA Today, 17Dec99. Edupage.]

A California study has concluded that Internet security is not yet sufficient for digital voting. [NY Times, 15Dec99.] (Duh.)

A Washington state judge has ruled that email and online chat forums are outside the state privacy laws preventing phone conversations from being recorded without your permission. [NY Times Cyber Law Journal, 14Jan00. NewsScan.] (The chat ruling is controversial, but it would never be wise to assume that chat or instant messaging isn't being recorded somewhere along its transmission path.)

----- "If you have encrypted data, and no one has the key, is it really there?" -- Larry Masinter, TASSCC 99. -----