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Expert systems and an expert-systems mailing list have a home page at . Topics include intelligent agents, knowledge representation, and fuzzy expert systems. Visitors can add new links and new topics. [David G. Goldstein ,, 3/20/96. Ken Barker.]

Cycorp has a Cyc Home Page at . [William MacCartney ,, 12/5/95. David Joslin.]

The ART FAQ -- for the ART expert system shell -- is . [Egbert J.W. Boers ,, 10/23/95. Chuck Morefield.]

In general, ART 1 is not superior to classic clustering algorithms. Some of its peculiarities are described in B. Moore, "ART 1 and Pattern Clustering", in Touretzky, Hinton, and Sejnowski (eds.), "Proc. 1988 Connectionist Models Summer School," Morgan Kaufmann, pp. 174-185. [Warren S. Sarle ,, 10/26/95.]

An online system for medical diagnosis can be tried at . [Liz W. Tompkins , inet-news, 1/5/96. net-hap.]