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ARPA has announced its TIPSTER Text Program Phase III competition on text retrieval and understanding, BAA 96-08. Proposals for up to three years at $300K/year are due 2/13/96, for document detection (search, retrieval, routing); information extraction (database filling, tagging); and summarization. Support could cover porting of language tools; tools to aid porting; lexicon compilation; English query of non-English databases; English summaries of non-English text; retrieval from heterogeneous databases; topic clustering; OCR or analysis of poor-quality text; pattern specification languages; domain development tools; coreference resolution; information fusion; single summary of multiple documents; identification of duplicate information; detection of intent or emotion. Development of architectures and platforms will be judged separately. Funding is anticipated to be $4M-$5M/year. Contact David Gunning, ARPA/ITO, (703) 696-2202 Fax. [CBD, 12/18/95. Boyan A. Onyshkevych, 10/20/95.]

IWCH '96 will be an international workshop on computational humor: automatic interpretation and generation of verbal humor. September 11-14, 1996, Enschede, The Netherlands. 4/15/96; Anton Nijholt , +31-53-4893740, +31-53-4893503 Fax. [, 12/4/95. David Joslin.]

1/15/96 NSF target dates: Database and Expert Systems; Research Planning Grants and Career Advancement Awards for Women Scientists and Engineers (RPG/CAA), NSF 93-130; Decision, Risk, and Management Science, NSF 94-64; Human Cognition and Perception, NSF 94-64; Linguistics, NSF 94-64; and Methodology, Measurement, and Statistics in the Social Sciences (MMS), NSF 94-64. Also: Computational Neuroscience, 1/10/96 target. [NSF Bulletin, 11/95.] (The 12/95 NSF Bulletin gives 12/1/95 deadlines for Human Cognition and for Linguistics.)

The Database and Expert System Program includes data/information/knowledge modeling; information access; physical and system aspects; and system development and administration. Proposals are accepted any time, but may miss their evaluation panel if submitted after 1/15/96. See , or contact Barbara Blaustein at 703-306-1926, 703-306-0599 Fax. [dbworld, 12/15/95.] (NSF is currently shut down, but still accepting delivery of proposals.)

NSF's Graduate Summer Institute in Korea (for US science/engineering students) has a 2/5/96 deadline. It includes Korean language training, research experience, and an introduction to the science and science-policy infrastructure of Korea. NSF pays travel and $2K; KOSEF provides accommodations and allowances for food and travel within Korea. Laboratories are usually in Seoul, Daeduk Science Town (a suburb of Taejon), or Pohang. , (703) 306-1704, (703) 306-0476 Fax. [Jeffrey Y. Kim , soc.culture.korean, 12/18/95.]

The 1985 NSF Supercomputer Centers program is being superseded by a new Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure program to support academic research in high-performance computing and communications. Leading-edge sites are expected to maintain high-end hardware systems that are one to two orders of magnitude more capable than those typically available at a major research university. Proposal must involve multiple US partners. See the solicitation on , or contact Richard E. Kaplan , Centers Program, Advanced Scientific Computing, 703/306-1963, 703/306-0632 Fax. [ciselist, 12/18/95.]

NSF's new home page for the Division of Computer and Computation Research is . See "Latest Announcements" for news items. The Software Engineering Program is currently seeking foundational research in composition, transformation, and re-integration of dynamic, evolving software systems, and in assurance methods for high- confidence systems. NSF and ARPA/ITO will jointly support a small number of proposals as described in ARPA BAA 95-40, Evolutionary Design of Complex Systems. Proposals are due 2/16/96. Helen Gill , (703) 306-1911. [ciselist, 12/18/95.]

Physics, astronomy, mathematics, materials research, and chemistry programs at NSF now have home pages. Begin with the MPS directorate page at . [Robert L. Park, WHAT'S NEW, 12/15/95.]

35 US Federal Labs participate in the NRC Research Associateship Program administered by the National Research Council. US citizens may apply for two-year government research positions at $45.5K/year plus benefits and relocation. Applications are due January 15 each year, for awards in April and jobs to begin after July 1. For NIST participation, see . [David Coombs , sci.research.postdoc, 12/14/95.] (See our CCJ this week for David's call for applicants in robotic mobility and vision research.)