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Daniel D. Corkill ( is President and founder of Blackboard Technology Group in Amherst, MA. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science from UMass in 1983, having done pioneering research in cooperative, distributed problem solving. Dan rose to Senior Research Computer Scientist at UMass, having headed two major AI software development projects: UMass Parallel Common Lisp and the GBB blackboard system. (His company now sells and supports GBB 2.0, a toolkit for blackboard-based applications. GBB is an extension of Common Lisp and CLOS, inheriting the environment and tools of the host implementation.) Dan's research interests continue to be in these areas, including planning and control in large AI systems and in design and programming methodologies for AI system building. He has presented tutorials at AAAI and IEEE CAIA, and was chairman of the AAAI 3rd and 4th Annual Workshops on Blackboard Systems. His company helps clients design, develop, and install blackboard systems. They also teach short courses -- with Dan in the lead, of course. Call (413) 256-8990 to get on the mailing list. (The next course is June 10 -13, with a $200 discount for payment by May 20. If oversold, there may be another course the week before or after. There's a first-day-only option for just $395, including accommodations.)