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GTE Laboratories is looking for a LISP-cognizant summer student. Their DAI project is developing a multiagent architecture for customer network control and cooperative operation support systems. They want help building domain models using CMU's PRODIGY planning system. The job also involves research on an interagent language and on multiagent joint planning and coord- ination strategies. Contact Robert Weihmayer (, (617) 466-2811, by the end of May for details. [DAI-List.]

The Institute for Supercomputing Research (ISR) in Tokyo is seeking a neural-network researcher for a one- or two-year visit. The work will involve basic and applied research in character recognition and optimization. Other basic research at ISR includes supercomputer performance evaluation, architecture, visualization, neural networks, multimedia information systems, and network/system management. For further information, contact Shaun Lawson,, 011-81-3-536-7769 Fax. [Neuron Digest.]