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AFOSR is advertising for 150 faculty and 100 graduate students to work at Air Force labs this summer. Participants could win up to $20K for follow-on research. Contact R&D Labs, Summer Research Program Office, 5800 Uplander Way, Culver City, CA 90230-6608, (800) 677-1363 or (310) 410-1244, by 1/31/92 (faculty) or 4/1/92. [Spectrum, 11/91.]

AFOSR is also sponsoring a graduate fellowship program. Twenty-five winners will get $15K-$17K stipends for three years, plus tuition and $2K for the department. Contact SCEEE -- Fellowship Program, 1101 Massachusetts Avenue, St. Cloud, FL 34769, (407) 892-6146, by 1/15/92. [Spectrum, 11/91.]

The Charles Babbage Institute is accepting applications for the Adelle and Erwin Tomash Graduate Fellowship, for dissertation work on the history of computers and information processing -- especially studies of technical issues in their socioeconomic contexts. Contact the CBI, UMinnesota, (612) 624-5050, by 1/15/92. [Computer, 10/91, p. 94.]

UMinnesota needs a postdoc for their Army High Performance Computing Research Center (AHPCRC). Topics include CS, but more toward numerical analysis than AI. [Computer, 10/91, p. 112.]

UOttawa Business/CS Depts. need a 3-year postdoc in AI and decision support. [Stan Szpakowicz (,, 11/20.]

UOttawa CS Dept. needs a 3-year postdoc in ML and NLP for work on text analysis for knowledge acquisition. Contact Stan Matwin ( or Stan Szpakowicz ( [, 11/19.]

UEdinburgh Dept. of Psychology needs a cognitive psychologist or neural-network researcher as an RA to study effects of damage on distributed systems. Contact Nick Chater ( by 12/3. [Joe Levy (, Neuron Digest, 11/22.]

Cambridge University Engineering Dept. needs a three-year RA in nonlinear models for speech analysis, including neural-network preprocessing. Contact Mahesan Niranjan ( or Mavis Barber ( by 12/3. [M. Niranjan, Neuron Digest, 11/22.]

Rockefeller University (NY) has one or two postdoc openings in computational neuroscience. Contact Joseph Atick, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ 08540. [Zhaoping Li (, connectionists, 11/22.]

Students may be interested in Careers '92. This is a private recruitment conference serving about 150 companies, free to attendees. You send your resume by 12/10 (or 2/1 for Chicago) to the Dept. of your choice, P.O. Box 1859, New Haven, CT 06508. Accepted students last year had a 51% chance of follow-up interviews and 40% chance of a job offer. The conferences are: New York (Dept. NY), 1/6-7; Atlanta (ATL), 1/21-22; Washington (DC), 2/7; and Chicago (CHI), 2/27-28. [Marc Reynolds (,, 11/20.]