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XESS Corp. (Apex, NC) is offering a free license for its Unix-based NExS Personal Edition spreadsheet to developers of freely available spreadsheet plug-ins, how-to documents, or other enhancements. See for a 30-day trial of the spreadsheet. Available plug-ins are for simulated annealing, genetic algorithms, linear programming, Tcl/Tk, and Perl. The source code for writing Perl spreadsheet functions is known to run on Linux 2.0.18, 2.0.28, Solaris 2.4, and HP/UX 9.05. [,, 17Mar97.]

James Craig Burley, after a decade of working for a Fortran vendor, opines that Fortran users are generally domain experts who just need a little help with compilers, makefiles, character I/O, command-line interfaces, etc. C programmers tend to know all about make, sh, csh, cc, ld, and so on, but may be weak on domain knowledge, user interfaces, data bases, languages, and networks. [, c.l.fortran, 12Mar97.] (A corollary is that the types of jobs available are very different for the two programming languages.)

QBasic is an unmoderated discussion list for the QBasic and QuickBasic programming languages. Send a "subscribe qbasic your name" message to . [Ted Behling , NEW-LIST, 04Mar97.]

The Registration Network (RegNet) is a registration service that allows shareware authors to accept credit cards via the RegNet 800 number or website. Other forms of payment are also accepted. The service charge is 10% plus $5, which includes all bank charges (typically around 5%). See , or write to Trevor Black . [Steve Weigand , alt.comp.shareware, 15Sep96.] (Stephen Wolstenholme says he's used RegNet for a year and has found it excellent. RegNet takes a cut from money that he would otherwise not have gotten, and makes even international purchases convenient for his customers.)

Shareware authors can sign up with Albert's Ambry service for accepting payments over the Internet. I think it's non-exclusive agreement for a 25% cut, or an exclusive agreement for less. Contact Raymond Coche . You can see an example application at (GET IT NOW). Other good registration services are offered by PsL and ShareIt!, which can be linked from your entry at the free Shareware Author Index (SAX). ShareIt! seems especially convenient for European users. [Robert Lindsay Wells , alt.comp.shareware, 24Dec96.]