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NIST and the VRML Consortium have developed a website for testing browsers' implementation of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language. NIST also is developing a VRML parser, for release in early August. . [Mary Brady , NIST Update, 07Jul97.]

Cosmo Player is a virtual reality browser plug-in from Silicon Graphics. . [Internet-on-a-Disk, Aug97.] (May take a long time to download the software and Mars demo.)

The VRML Repository from the San Diego Supercomputing Center offers links for hardware and software, user's guides, browsers, worlds, sounds, textures, mailing lists, newsgroups, and links. . [Scout Report, 23Aug96.]

Jorn Barger is working on a webpage discussing Chris Crawford's new Erasmatron 'engine' for interactive fiction. Erasmatron helps "move interactive fiction the next step, from text adventures towards actual *literature*." For instance, a "grapevine" feature keeps track of "who's told who about what," aiding development of characters that gossip, lie, or maintain secrets. In a world with hundreds of characters, that's important. A separate knowledge structure is needed for each ignorant, mistaken, or deluded character, including beliefs about other characters' personalities and knowledge. Then you get into hypotheticals, plans, desires... . [,, 01Aug97. David Joslin.]