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NSF offers FAQs on preparation and submission of proposals, at ("Proposal Preparation"). See also ("Award Administration"). [grants, 04Sep97.]

Rome Laboratory (Rome, NY) is soliciting white papers for basic research and innovative engineering in audio and speech processing technology, for DoD/AFOSR and law-enforcement tactical speech recognition, message sorting, and translation (avg. 9 dB signal-to-noise ratio); interference reduction; voice countermeasures; jam-resistant communications; man-machine interface; and background sound identification. John Parker, 315-330-4236; or Joetta A. Bernhard . RL BAA 97-07-PKPX, . [CBD, 05Sep97.]

Rome Laboratory and AFOSR have also renewed their call for research in exploitation of intelligence data, with the ceiling raised from $3.6M to $9.6M. Dan Ventimiglia, 315-330-3222. BAA 96-01-PKPX, . [CBD, 05Sep97.]

IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center has announced its 1998-99 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mathematical Sciences competition, which includes theoretical and exploratory computer science research (at TJW). Current research includes sequential and parallel algorithms, computational complexity, coding theory, cryptography, numerical analysis, differential equations, mathematical optimization, high-performance computation, logic design, computer algebra, statistics, dynamical systems, continuous complexity, computational linguistics, computer music, user interface technology, interactive scientific and technical publishing, and knowledge-based systems. One fellowship, for 1-2 years, at up to $70K/year plus moving expenses. Candidates must have not more than 5 years of postdoctoral experience. Apply by 09Jan98, including research proposal and letters of reference, for decision by 17Mar98. Committee on Postdoctoral Fellowships, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, 31-210, IBM Research Div., T.J. Watson Research Center, P.O. Box 218, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598. [Robert S. Sutor , comp.theory.dynamic-sys, 08Sep97.]