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The NAUTILUS CD-ROM monthly magazine that I mentioned last week is available from EDUCORP in a $24.95 introductory disc. (The theme seems to be just exploration of available multimedia material.)

Engineering Information Inc. (in conjunction with Dialog Information Services) offers a CD-ROM database of 1,000,000 abstracts for Computer and Electrical Engineers, based on Compendix and The Engineering Index. You can try it free for 30 days, but the annual cost is $6750 for 10 years of abstracts. [Spectrum (4/91), pp. 17 and 89.]

The University of Saarucken's LIDO MAILSERVER bibliographic database of 13,000 AI documents can be tapped via electronic mail. Access is by author, title, and year fields (including substring searches). For information, send an empty message to with "Subject: lidosearch info english", or contact Alfred Kobsa, Dept. of CS, USaarbrucken. [SIGART (4/91).]

The SIGART Bulletin also mentions some new journals: Applied Intelligence: The International Journal of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and Complex Problem Solving Technologies (Moonis Ali, Ed. Contact Karen S. Cullen, Kluwer Academic Publishers,, (617) 871-6300.) User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction: An International Journal (Alfred Kobsa, Minds and Machines Journal for Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, and Cognitive Science (James H. Fetzer. Kluwer Academic, P.O. Box 17, 3300 AA Dordrecht, The Netherlands.) Expert Systems with Applications: An International Journal (Jay Liebowitz, Management Science, George Washington University, Washington, DC 20052; (301) 770-2978 Fax.)

Computing Research News (CRN) is available free to most university personnel, research laboratory members, and policymakers. (Rates for others are $20 U.S., $32.50 Canada, $40 elsewhere.) Coverage includes government policies affecting researchers. Contact The Computing Research Association, Suite 110, 1625 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036-2212.

The Society of Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters (CPCU) is marketing a 183 p. report, Electronic Underwriter: Artificial Intelligence and Insurance, for $39.95 (plus 6% in PA). Call (215) 251-2743. [Tod Levitt at ADS sent this item in.] The Census Bureau says that computers are used on the job by 71% of all workers in finance, insurance, and real estate, so there's a pretty big market out there -- one with large cash flows.

Dr. L.F. Pau (Technical Director of DEC Europe, and C. Gianotti have published "Economic and Financial Knowledge Based Systems" (Springer Verlag, NY and Heidelberg, 1990), containing about ten application studies.

Another such book is "The New Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence Ideas and Applications in Financial Services" (HarperBusiness, 1990) by Jessica Keyes.

IEEE is publishing a new monograph series, "Engineer's Guide to Business," to start this spring. The IEEE Service Center also publishes literature on pre-employment patent agreements and on pensions. (Incidentally, the IEEE life insurance plan is one of the best bargains around. You get cheap rates to begin with, and most recent years have seen rebates around 50%. It's worth joining IEEE just for the insurance.)

"Desktop Publishing Success" (Business One Irwin, $27.50), a new book by Felix Kramer and Maggie Lovaas, covers the business side of DTP -- marketing, pricing, contracts, entrepreneurial profiles, reference sources. (800) 541-2318.