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Stephen Gallant's new book is out, "Neural Network Learning and Expert Systems" (MIT Press, 364 pp., $42.50, 3/94, ISBN 0-262-07145-2). "... shows how neural network learning can generate expert systems automatically" and discusses expert system applications to noisy and redundant problems. (For a review, see SIGART Bulletin, 1/94, p. 50.) Ask or mitpress- about it, or order from, (800) 356-0343 or (617) 625-8569. European prices are available from, (071) 404 0610 Fax; Australian prices from (02) 566 4411 Fax. [Marilyn Geller (, Neuron Digest, 12/30/93.]

Robert Elton Maas is offering MaasInfo.FailNet, "Fixing Addresses," a guide to tracking down Usenet posters after email to them has bounced. See MaasInfo.DocIndex for finding e-mail address from personal information about the recipient. Contact for pointers to MaasInfo.TopIndex, MaasInfo.HowNet, MaasInfo.DocIndex, and other guides to network resources. All are currently undergoing revision, and suggestions are welcome. [net-hap, 1/4/94.]