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Do research consortia work? Sematech has declared victory and will wean itself from $90M/year in federal support by 1997. US companies now control half of the $77B semiconductor market. [St. Petersburg Times, 10/10/94, p. 9. EDUPAGE.]

Caere Corp. (Los Gatos) will acquire Calera Recognition Systems Inc. (Sunnyvale) through a merger, if approved. Caere dominates retail channels with OmniPage/OmniScan full-page OCR that retains font, format, and graphics information; Calera sells WordScan OCR systems mainly to value-added resellers (VARs). Caere also sells a PageKeeper document management system. Warren Teitelman, 53, is Caere's new VP of Engineering. He was previously at CIT, MIT, Xerox PARC (DLisp research), Sun (Window Systems Group), and Lucid (VP Engineering). [Business Wire, 10/17/94.]

Lotus has selected Xerox TextBridge OCR as the Workgroup OCR Option engine for Lotus Notes: Document Imaging Release 2.5. "TextBridge consistently provides accuracy and performance across the broadest range of document types." The Lexifier feature increases recognition accuracy for documents that integrate text with numbers, such as financial reports and telephone lists. [PR Newswire, 10/20.] (Xerox is also announcing a version for Windows.)

Columnist Michael Schrage says that personal finance software will be the "killer app" of the next decade. That would benefit Microsoft, which recently purchased Intuit (home and small-business bookkeeping leader with Quicken and QuickBooks). [Washington Post, 10/21/94, B3. EDUPAGE.] (For investment and retirement planning, Managing Your Money is recommended.)