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A $2B S. SF Bay company needs an experienced MS/PhD as a senior software scientist in its advanced R&D lab. Requires perspective as a technology leader, plus understanding of Windows, Windows NT, Netware, or OS/2. $70K-$120K plus relocation. Ann Silberman, Telos Corp (, (916) 447-8004, (916) 447-0946 Fax. [m.j.o, 2/8/94.]

Harlequin Inc. (Cambridge, MA) needs superstar C programmers to work on PostScript Raster Imaging Processing software. Also a technical manager for its Electronic Publication group. Trish Bilafer (, (617) 374-2536, (617) 252-6505 Fax. [David M. Rosenberg (, m.j.o, 2/15/94.] (Harlequin also has offices in Cambridge and Manchester, England.)

A Bay Area startup needs a senior NLP expert, an expert- system architect, and a C/C++ coder for an innovative PC product. Kirk Oatman (, YY Software Corp., (415) 747-0100. [2/11/94.]

HGO Technology Inc. needs a GURU expert system programmer for an MS-DOS database application. Box 768, Wheeling, WV 26003. [,, 2/8/94. David Joslin.]

Mini-Systems Associates (Costa Mesa) needs an experienced OCR software engineer for Windows/Unix implementation of a new algorithm. Cindy, (619) 675-7888, (619) 675-7899 Fax. [Lance Charles Rowan (, m.j.o, 2/14/94.]

Victoria University of Wellington (NZ), Inst. of Geophysics, needs a 2-year postdoc to apply AI and ML to meteorology and climatology. Jim McGregor (, +64 4 495 5186 Fax, or [m.j.o, 2/15/94.]

Aston University is offering two 3-year postdocs in fundamental neural-network research. Available 4/1/94. Chris Bishop (, 021 359 3611 x4270, 021 333 6215 Fax. [connectionists, 2/11/94.]