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A new website offers over 100 pages of AI content, including discussions of philosophy, machine intelligence, consciousness, alife, genetic algorithms, NLP, machine vision/robotics, neural networks etc. There are interviews with Marvin Minsky, Roger Schank, Steven Levy, Steven Woodcock, Al Biles, and Craig Reynolds, and a voting poll, messaging board, etc. Also new software written by the webmasters. . [Sam Hsiung ,, 02Sep98.]

An excellent information source for AI and AI programming languages is . [Mark Watson ,, 06Sep98.] (Watson has written 11 books on AI, Java, C++, etc. See .)

The Neuro-Fuzzy page from Marcello Chiaberge has been upgraded, including downloadable articles about neuro-fuzzy controllers for walking space rovers. [,, 07Sep98.]

A new site at proposes asynchronous multivalued logic as the theory behind neural microcircuits, said by Yale's Gordon Shepherd to be the basis of information processing in the brain. The site presents several multivalued-logic neural networks. [,, 05Sep98.]