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HP's Visual Computing Department (Palo Alto, CA) needs a Ph.D. image-analysis researcher to work on scientific visualization in C/UNIX. Alexander Drukarev ( [, 8/1.] HP's Computer Peripherals Laboratory (Palo Alto, CA) also needs a PhD image-compression research scientist. Jeanne Wiseman ( [, 8/5.]

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Livermore, CA) has been advertising for several computer scientists to work in image processing, simulation, control, and other real-time applications.

Dynacs Engineering (Palm Harbor, FL) needs a MS/PhD specialist in neural-network control and simulation. Citizenship required. Ravi Venugopal, (813) 784-4035. [, 8/1.]

Syracuse Center for Computational Science (Syracuse, NY) needs a PhD research scientist for their Fortran 90D MIMD compiler project. [Wennie Shu ( Min-You Wu (, 8/5.]

MRJ, Inc. (Oakton, VA) seeks citizens for development of parallel supercomputing applications, including large databases, text retrieval, image understanding, simulation, and optimization. Contact [Alan J. Broder (, 8/7.]

The Lockheed Space Operations Company (Titusville, FL) has an AI opening in its Advanced Projects group to work with NASA Ames on scheduling tools for Space Shuttle repair and maintenance. Michael J. Deale ( [, 8/6.]

The Human Genome Mapping Center at UCSF seeks an MS/CS senior information specialist to build systems for molecular biology. Dr. Richard M. Myers, Fax (415) 476-8391. [Leslie Taylor (, 8/1.]