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Motorola is using perovskites instead of silicon dioxide in transistors, making them faster and yet only a quarter or third as large. [SJM, 02Dec99. NewsScan.]

Chenming Hu at UCB has developed -- and released without patent -- a "FinFET" transistor design in which a forked gate controls both sides the current passage. This may allow chips with 400 times as many transistors as previously. [Reuters. MSNBC, 22Nov99. NewsScan.]

IBM's $80 ViaVoice for Macintosh is the first continuous speech recognition program for the Mac OS. It includes a noise-cancelling headset microphone and requires at least a 233MHz PowerPC G3 or G4, Mac OS 8.5.1, 48MB RAM, and 200MB of disk space. Training of the program is required. . [TidBITS, 13Dec99.] (Glenn Fleishman notes that the lone Macintosh ViaVoice technical support person when he called happened to be an Italian in Scotland.)

The Spk2wrt website has a "Resource Lab" where you can access speech recognition technology. . [Jen Minotti . Joe Raben, 16Jul99.]

AskTEC is a search engine for technology content, including tech-related business news. . [Curt Davis , DUC, 22Dec99. net-hap.]

1stheadlines culls and searches 241 news sources. . [, CARR-L, 16Dec99. net-hap.]

Public seminars hosted by Xerox PARC are webcast at (or link to from QuickTime Player). For a schedule of coming external forums, check or . [Bob Moore , openparcforum, 05Apr00.]

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