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Knowledge and Information Management (KAIM). Springer book series call for book proposals, . Xindong Wu , +1-303-273-3874, +1-303-273-3875 fax. [dbworld, 14Dec00.]

E-commerce and agent topics; SIGecom Exchanges. Peter Wurman . . [DAI-List, 11Dec00.]

Semantics, applications, and implementation of program generation; J. Functional Programming. 01Feb01; Walid Taha , +1 203 432 6496, +1 203 432 0593 fax. . [comp.lang.functional, 09Nov00.]

Adaptive and intelligent Web-based education systems; Int. J. of AI in Education, 2001. 01Feb01; Peter Brusilovsky , 412 624 9404, 412 624 2788 fax. . [17Nov00.]

Mining Web-based data for e-business applications; INFORMS J. on Computing (JoC). 01Feb01; Louiqa Raschid , (301) 405 2228. . [dbworld, 01Dec00.]

Automated text categorization; J. of Intelligent Information Systems (JIIS), Dec01. 28Feb01; Fabrizio Sebastiani , +39.050.3152892, +39.050.3152810 fax. . [dbworld, 04Dec00.]

Blind signal separation and independent component analysis; Neurocomputing J. 01Mar01; V. David Sanchez , +1-626-793-5120 fax. . [Soo-Young Lee , connectionists, 06Dec00.]

Fusion of soft computing and hard computing in industrial applications; IEEE Trans. on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics -- Part C: Applications and Reviews. 02Mar01; , +358-9-451 2468,+358-9-451 2432 fax. . [BISC fuzzy-mail. Masoud Nikravesh ,, 29Nov00.]

Computational intelligence in industrial engineering; J. of Industrial Engineering: Theory, Applications and Practice, 31Dec01. 15Mar01. . [Vetle I. Torvik ,, 12Dec00.]

Data mining and knowledge discovery; J. of Computers & Industrial Engineering, 31Dec01. 30Mar01. . [Ibid.]

Soft computing in manufacturing; J. of Intelligent Manufacturing, 31Dec01. 15Apr01. . [Ibid.]

Intelligent multimedia processing; IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks, Jan02. 15Apr01; . . [, 28Nov00.] (Extended deadline.)

Knowledge-based neurocomputing in medicine; Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. 30Apr01; Ian Cloete , +49-7251-700230, +49-7251-700250 fax. and . [connectionists, 16Nov00.] (See Cloete and Zurada's "Knowledge-Based Neurocomputing" book, .)

Modelling vagueness and subjectivity in information access; Information Processing & Management. 15May01; Fabio Crestani . [dbworld, 05Dec00.]

Intelligent information agents in the Internet and the WWW age; Int. J. on AI Tools, 1Qtr02. 31May01; Manolis Koubarakis , +30 821 37222, +30 821 37202 fax. [dbworld, 05Dec00.]

Fusion of domain knowledge with data for decision support; Machine Learning Journal. 01Jun01; Richard Dybowski . [, 14Dec00.]

Argumentation and inter-agent communication; J. of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS). 30Jun01 (full papers) or 31Aug01 (research notes); Tim Norman , (+44)(0)1224 272284, (+44)(0)1224 273422 fax. [, 01Dec00.]

Change in knowledge bases; Theory and Practice of Logic Programming. Luis 31Jul01; Moniz Pereira . . [DAI-List, 11Dec00.]

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