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The WWW-FAQ can be FTP'd as www-faq from pub/usenet/news.answers on If you have WWW, you can read it as /ideas/www-faq.html. [Marcus Speh (, Globewide Network Academy. sci.math.num-analysis, 1/4/94.]

Dane Spearing has compiled WWW links to some of the online job search services. Connect to [, comp.infosystems.www, 1/1/94.]

There's a WWW MG server covering multigrid methods in lattice physics and numerical analysis, including tutorials, journals, and class libraries. Link to or telnet to and "go /projects/MG.html". [Marcus Speh (, sci.math.num-analysis, 1/4/94.]

StatLib is now offering a WWW view of its archives. Link to [Mike Meyer(, sci.stat.consult, 1/6/94.]

The Johns Hopkins University BioInformatics Web Server is a new WWW server for biology. Link to /hopkins.html for databases, publications, software, and links to other servers. [Dan Jacobson (, comp.infosystems.www, 12/15/93. net-hap. Also Steve Goldstein.]

The Australian National University's Social Science Data Archive (SSDA) can be reached via gopher to [, NEWNIR-L, 12/21/93. Steve Goldstein.] An additional 31MB on Pacific Studies and Social Sciences -- including oriental religions, Taoism-L, Tibet-L, etc. -- is on the COOMBSQUEST gopher at and mirrors at,,,, and T. Matthew Ciolek ( [Gavin K. Longmuir (]