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Boston Technology Center is offering Internet-based university-level CS courses on C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, Javascript, investment, and other topics. Two months, with classes, seminars, discussion groups, and homework. . [,, 23Jun97.]

LEARNING SOLUTIONS are offered at ZD Net University. Online computing classes and seminars are taught on moderated message boards. . [18Oct96.]

Students at Kalamazoo College will be required, starting in the year 2000, to create Web pages documenting their academic and extracurricular activities. "The Web organizes things by theme or topic. It encourages you to see how many little physical blue links you can make between different things." [Chronicle of Higher Ed, 23May97. EduP.]

GLOBAL CAMPUS offers multimedia educational materials -- images, sounds, text, and video -- to be used for nonprofit, educational purposes. . [11Nov96.]

The Library of Ideas features videotapes of leaders in many disciplines discussing their research and ideas. . [Educom Update, 15May97.]

CASO (Cape Software) will list your online college courses for free. Over 1K courses are currently listed. . [08Jan97.]