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The Search Page is a categorized hotlist for finding people, Internet information, businesses, software, news, and jobs. If that doesn't help, there are links to more than 25 search engines and meta-searchers. . [J. Marcus Ziegler , net-hap, 5/12/96.]

The REX engine lets you search by keyword or subject matter. . [Thomas Kuegler Jr. , net-hap, 5/14/96.]

Several people offers access to multiple search sites. links to at least 14 engines. [Robert Samet , BESTWEB, 4/11/96.]

Search4it! offers 20 engines, at . [, net-hap, 5/9/96.]

Search-It! offers more than 100 search engines. . [net-hap, 4/28/96.]

Go Net-Wide at has over 200 links to search engines, directories, and announcement sites. [Whitney R. Proffitt , c.i.www.announce, 4/19/96.]

Internet Sleuth claims to link to more than 1K Internet search engines arranged by subject categories. . [WEBster, 4/30/96.]

Over 100 search engines "in clickable tables on one page" can be found at . Or for the major engines "in their own forms on one page" see . [, net-hap, 5/13/96.]

SuperSearch invokes all major Web search engines. . [Lars Jansson , net-hap, 4/19/96.]

Superseek accesses Alta Vista, Deja News, Excite, Inktomi, New Riders WWW Yellow Pages, Lycos, Magellan, Yahoo, Usenet archives, and the Information SuperLibrary Bookstore. . [Peter Scott , inet-news, 4/25/96.]

The BUSTER! search page uses minimal graphics so that you get fast access to search engines via any browser. . [, inet-news, 4/16/96.]

I/spy Internet News Search is a meta-tool that can search many databases on the Web simultaneously. . [Liz W. Tompkins , inet-news, 4/11/96.]

Where-Is-It is a collection of the best search engines on the Internet. You can search websites, usenet messages, stock quotes, businesses, a dictionary, software, email addresses, and the top 5% of all sites. . [Charlo Barbosa , c.i.www.announce, 4/25/96.]

Karen Campbell has compiled reviews and comparisons of web search tools. . [, web4lib, 4/10/96. net-hap.]