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Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH): assistant prof in applied CS.

UTexas (Austin): profs in all areas of CS.

Rice U. (Houston, TX): profs/fellows in AI, DB, modeling, etc.

US Air Force Academy (CO): 1999-00 visiting prof in advanced CS.

Harvey Mudd College (Claremont, CA): assistant CS prof in AI, robotics, SE.

Darwin College Cambridge (UK): fellow in adaptive computing, pattern/speech/handwriting recognition.

Sharp Labs (Oxford, UK): BS+ computational linguist for IR, speech processing.

Middlesex, UK: researcher in data mining/warehousing, GA, NN for finance.

UNijmegen (Netherlands): PhD researcher in NN, modeling.

German Remote Sensing Data Center (Oberpfaffenhofen): scientist in signal processing, pattern recognition, IR, data mining.

UZurich (Switzerland): BS/MS and sr German-speaking researchers in computational linguistics.

GMD Japan Research Lab (Kitakyushu): postdoc researchers in autonomous robotics. (*)

* captain's cool job of the week. (Selected by Brian "captain" Murfin.)