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Dr. Serdar Uckun of Stanford has posted a list of email discussion lists related to AI in medicine. Usenet newsgroups include,,,, and sci.cognitive. AI-related internet lists include (AI in developing countries), IAMEX-L on (AI in Mexico and Latin America), (machine learning), (artificial or biological neural networks), (natural language and knowledge representation), VIRTU-L on (virtual reality), (AI and vision), and (systems theory). Two of the medical lists are MedInf-L on listserv@dearn.bitnet (medical data processing and informatics) and SMDM-L on (medical decision making). Additional health-sciences lists are in Lee Hancock's medical-resources.*.* in pub/nic on [ Jerome Soller (, Neuron Digest, 3/22/93.]

Peter Kaminski maintains a list of health-related Usenet newsgroups. covers holistic medicine. Others of general interest include,, misc.handicap, sci.sceptic, and several diet and nutrition lists. [,, 12/21/92.]

A Health Science resource list is maintained by Lee Hancock ( The 6/1 revision can be FTP'd as file MEDICAL.RESOURCES.6-1 in pub/nic on [HELP-NET, 6/2/93. net-happenings.] You can also get it with a "get medical resource" message to listserv@unmvma.bitnet. [Peter M. Weiss (, CARR-L, 2/25/93.]

UMontana's Student Health Center has a new HEALTHLINE Gopher Server, at port 700. It provides general health information, not advanced medical research sources. (Use CAMIS for that.) [John-David Childs (, net-hap, 7/29/93.]

Discussion lists for wrist problems include sorehand, C+HEALTH, comp.human-factors, comp.risks, misc.handicap,, and Sorehand and C+HEALTH are Bitnet lists. Send "sub sorehand your name" to to subscribe. Ditto for c+health on, a list for computer-related health issues only. (You may have to add quotation marks to send submissions to "c+health" The RSI Network is a paper-and-email newsletter about repetitive stress injuries. Caroline Rose (, 970 Paradise Way, Palo Alto CA 94306. $2 donation requested. [Dan Wallach (, 8/14/92.] (I hear that the sorehand list has been quite active lately.)

There are over 850 health magazines and newsletters. Health Confidential is a new one from Bottom Line Personal. Three issues free, then $29.95/year; (800) 289-0409. [BLP, 10/30/92.] (Berkeley Wellness Letter is another good one, and one of the most successful newsletters ever.)

The Health Resource is a research company that will compile a report on any medical condition. $85-$150; (501) 329-5272. [BW, 10/5/92.]